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Studio Policies


Monthly tuition payments are automatically charged to your debit/credit card on file (MasterCard or Visa). When the online registration is completed an enrollment fee of $40 ($80 per family) plus the tuition for the current month will be charged. This payment reserves your place in the class. Ongoing, monthly tuition payments will be automatically processed on the 5th of each month or the Friday before if the 5th falls on a weekend. No extra charge for months with five weeks nor a refund for classes missed or months with holidays.

Checks or cash payments will ONLY be accepted for semester or annual tuition payments.

  • If you are unable to pay your tuition in a given month, please contact our office prior to the 5th.
  • A $15 service charge fee will be automatically assessed for all declined credit card transactions.
  • If your account becomes 30 days past due, your dancer will be withdrawn from class.
  • No refunds will be given for classes missed.
  • If you plan to withdraw your dancer from a class, a written notice via our Withdraw Notice is required prior to the 5th of the next month or your account will continue to be charged.
  • By completing the online enrollment form you are stating that you have read and agree to the Release of Liability Disclaimer for Xpressions Dance LLC.


Enrollment Fee – A $40 per student or $80 per family enrollment fee will be charged at the time of enrollment. Xpressions Dance Academy has the right to cancel any class that is of insufficient size and move students to another class if available. If no class is available your enrollment fee will be refunded.

Recital Costume Fee – The Recital costume fee will be included with the December 5th tuition charge unless other arrangements are made with the office. All costume fees must be totally paid by January 5th. The costume fees are $65  for youth sizes ages 11 and under and $75 for ages 12 & up (ages as of Sept. 1st). A dancer will need one costume per dance class (i.e. a jazz class + a ballet class = 2 costumes). After January 5th the costume fee will not be refunded. If a dancer withdraws after that date they will receive the costume.

Watch Week

Parents are invited into the studio to observe a class several times throughout the dance season during published “Watch Weeks”. You are welcome into the class to observe how your dancer’s skills are improving and any choreography the class has been working on and see how the class is structured. During Watch Weeks you are welcome to video and take pictures.


Students are expected to attend class every week to insure consistent learning and advancement within the class. Attendance is taken weekly. Absences and tardiness are a hindrance to your student and the entire class. If a dancer is more than 10 minutes late to class, they must request to entry into the class.  Late entry is very disruptive and impacts the entire class. Missed classes can be made-up during that month if a similar class is available.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please be on time for all classes.
  • Observation inside the studio is not allowed. TV monitors are provided for parents who wish to watch the classes.
  • For your convenience and the safety of the dancers, use the designated lane in the parking lot to drop off and pick up.
  • All dancers must wait inside the building for parents to arrive – please be on time.
  • Absolutely no outside shoes, food, gum or drinks allowed in the dance classroom. Water bottles are allowed.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. No jewelry or cell phones allowed during class participation.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss, suspend, or expel any person who is disruptive and/or violates studio policies.

Studio Closures

We reserve the right to close the studio and cancel classes in the event of inclement weather and dangerous road conditions. The decision to close will be made no later than 2pm and posted on our website and our Facebook page and the studio phone message will be updated. All families will also be emailed a notification so please be sure that we have your most current contact information on file.

The studio will open the following day unless the Nampa School District calls for a continuation of the closure. Classes will be made up by attending another regularly scheduled class, no refunds will be issued.

Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Xpressions Dance Academy

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