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Class Attire

Proper dance attire is an important part of dance class. It allows teachers to correct body alignment and technique and also gives the dancer a sense of professionalism. T-shirts, baggy shorts and sweats are not acceptable for class attire, but should be worn to and from the studio as cover-ups. Any dancers not properly dressed for class may be asked to sit out and observe. All dance clothing and shoes should be labeled with your dancer’s name to ensure its safe return if lost.

Tiny Toes, Kinder-Combo Classes
Any color leotard, with tights or socks. Skirts optional. All dancers must have pink leather ballet shoes and Kinder Combo will also need tap shoes. Tights and shoes are available for purchase at the studio. Hair should be pulled up off of neck and face.

Xpressions ballet students are required to wear a standard colored leotard corresponding to their class level.  Ballet/Jazz 1 – Pink, Ballet 2 – Lavender, Ballet 3 – Light Blue, Ballet 4 – Royal blue, Ballet 5 – Navy Blue, Ballet 6 – Burgundy and Ballet 7 – Black (style of dancer’s choice). Class leotards for Ballet are fitted and purchased at the studio. Class leotards should not be purchased until your dancer has been leveled into the proper class. If the dancer’s leotard from last season still fits, it can be worn this fall, but all dancers must be in the class leotard following the Thanksgiving break. Pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes are required and are available to purchase at the studio. Cover ups such as leg warmers, shirts, short and sweaters are to be removed after warm-ups. No skirts or shorts.  Hair is to be pulled up in a tight, proper bun and worn with a hairnet. Tights, leotards, ballet shoes and pointe shoes must all be in good condition and fit properly with elastic straps and ribbons sewed on shoes.

Shorts shorts or jazz pants can be worn over their ballet leotard. Tan leather split-sole jazz shoes can be purchased at the studio. Hair pulled up off of neck and face.

Any color leotard or dance wear, tights optional, and black oxford tap shoes which can be fitted and purchased at the studio.

Hip Hop
Comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement. Sweat pants or leggings that cover the knees. No shorts, skirts or denim jeans. Tennis shoes that are worn JUST for dance – no outside shoes will be allowed in the studios. Please, no black soled shoes.

Musical Theatre
Dance wear that allows for ease of movement; no denim. Any style of shoe that they can move in – jazz shoes, ballet shoes or tennis shoes that are worn JUST for dance – no outside shoes will be allowed in the studios.

Any color leotard and footless tights are optional. Hair pulled up off of neck and face. No shoes are required.

Leotard (any color/style) and footless tights or black pants/leggings that cover the knees. Hair pulled up and out of face – no buns. No shoes required.

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